Flex-Joint Cleaning – Mini ROV

Using a Mini-ROV to safely and effectively remove marine growth from a Flex-Joint, visually inspect the FJ Element and subsequently carry out high accuracy 3D Scanning and model development. This inspection can be carried out on Flex-Joints on any/all offshore assets at a fraction of traditional method costs.

Mooring Chain Cleaning & Gauging

Proceanic has completed many ROV Campaigns using Mini-ROV systems to clean, visually inspect, caliper-gauge and 3D Scan mooring chains in the field. Marine Growth is removed using a cavitational lance delivered by a light inspection/intervention class ROV. Close Visual Inspection of cleaned chain links is subsequently performed. Chain Link dimensions can be measured by means of Proceanic custom built Calipers (also delivered by the ROV) or by ROV-integrated 3D Scanning technology. Mooring Chain inspection is carried out on FPSOs/FSOs, FPUs (Semi’s/Spars etc.) as well as CALM Buoys and any other floating asset with mooring chains.

UWILD of Drillship Thruster

This video shows an Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) of a deep-water drillship. This inspection was carried out while the drillship was in D.P. (Dynamically Positioned) operation and attached to the drill string, causing no disruption to operations. The DNV surveyor in attendance gave full UWILD credit to the vessel owner without any divers entering the water.

Critical Hull Weld Cleaning

As an offshore platform gets older, the need to closely expect critical hull welds becomes more important. But, just as inspection requirements increase, so does the marine growth that obscures inspection. The ability to clean marine growth is a necessary precondition of a successful underwater survey but until recently was the domain of only larger ROVs.

Proceanic has successfully adapted this technology to mini-ROVs which can be hand launched. As a result, we can carry out the inspection at a fraction of the cost and with minimal impact on operations.

Sea Chest Cleaning

Proceanic Mini-ROV Systems are used to perform localized cleaning of sea-chest gratings in the field.

The ROV is able to complete this work while still remaining hand-deployable, allowing cleaning operations to be performed in locations where larger Work-Class ROVs could not access.

Proceanic successfully adapted this cleaning technology to Mini-ROVs, allowing cleaning and inspection to be carried out at a fraction of the cost and with minimal impact on operations.

Close Up Survey

This video shows the ROV performing close-up survey of an FSO tank internals. Video is taken using a supplementary high-definition camera mounted atop the ROV. High definition video provides the clearest possible documentation of the condition of the tank structure and coatings.

ROV Side Shell Gauging

This video shows the ROV taking girth belt gaugings on side shell. Initially, one pass is made to take the plate and flange gaugings. Then, the gauge is aimed downwards, and another pass is made to capture web plate gaugings

Ballast Tank Internal Inspection

Proceanic is able to carry out high quality General Visual Inspection (GVI) of ballast tanks for periodic survey purposes, with no need for gas-freeing, tank entry, staging or rope-access. Detailed and accurate structural condition reports can be established with minimal impact on asset operations. In addition to visual data, Proceanic is able to carry out Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging for corrosion diminution and structural strength assessment.

Tank Gauging

Proceanic is certified by ABS, BV, DNV-GL and LR as an authorized Hull Thickness Gauging and Remote Inspection Specialist. Ultrasonic Thickness Gaugings can be taken in ballast tanks and other locations for Special Survey, Intermediate Survey, Life Extension and other purposes. Thickness gaugings are recorded as text overlay on inspection videos and photos and are provided to the Client as auditable records. Gauging Reports are also provided in Class Society required formats.

Hull Cleaning with Magnetic Crawler

Proceanic’s proprietary magnetic hull crawler is used to perform wide area cleaning of a ship’s shell plating and seachests. The cavitation cleaning dome is powered by a high-pressure pump located on the main deck.