Sept 2015

Structure Type


Tarsiut Caissons 

Proceanic, Ltd. Of Houston, TX carried out the completion of an ROV survey of the ConocoPhillips Tarsiut Caissons located offshore Herschel Island, Yukon Territories, Canada. This inspection was completed using a VideoRay PRO4 ROV fitted with a BlueView 2D Scanning Sonar.

The scope of the inspection included: survey of seabed anomalies, survey of general seabed around caissons, survey of exterior underwater and interior portions of the caissons, and assist with the lightship survey.

  • Survey the seabed around caissons to ensure safe to move
  • General visual inspection (GVI), external underwater areas of caissons
  • Perform general visual inspection of internal caisson structure and measure mud heights in each tank
  • Assist in taking draft readings of caissons for lightship weight survey