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Apr 2017

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Tahiti Spar 

Proceanic, Ltd. of Houston, TX, carried out a survey of the 3 West Variable Ballast Tank (3WVB), ten void spaces, the hull access shaft and various marine systems on the Chevron TAHITI Spar. The general visual inspections and any close visual inspections were performed in the presence of an ABS surveyor and in accordance with the ABS survey rules and the TAHITI 3WVB, Void Space and Marine System Work Packs. In addition, ultrasonic thickness gauging in 3WVB, the hull access shaft and marine system piping was carried out by Proceanic per the Work Packs. The results of other nondestructive testing completed by CAN in the Voids, including ultrasonic thickness gauging and magnetic particle testing.

The ballast tank was inspected and gauged using a micro-ROV. The voids were inspected using two different drone aircraft and physical inspection depending on the tank arrangement, number and location of critical areas and access arrangements. Inspection photos and videos are provided electronically with this report.

  • Ballast Tank Inspections & UT Gaugings by ROV
  • Void Tank Inspections by Drone
  • Marine Systems Inspection