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Aug 2017

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Suksan Salammander FSO Mooring System Inspection

We conducted the World’s First ABS-approved Mooring System Inspection on this FSO back in 2017.

It was a development borne from Client enquiries about using Mini-ROVs for mooring systems inspections. We had successfully developed Marine Growth cleaning system using Mini-ROVs a few years ago and a natural result was clients asking if we can measure the thickness of their mooring chains once we have cleaned the Marine Growth off.

Our answer was to develop our own in-house calipers which are mounted on and operated entirely by Mini-ROVs. In close consultation with ABS Asia Pacific and ABS Thailand as well as with Client representatives, we were given the provisional approval subject to the attending ABS Surveyor.

We completed the job successfully and ABS signed-off on the mooring system inspection. In the process we discovered one new offering for our clients – the capability to follow each individual chain to the touch-down point for visual inspection and to check for any anomalies.

This Project was nominated for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (Thailand) Innovation Awards.

  • Marine growth spot-cleaning
  • Caliper measurements
  • Performed by Mini-ROV mounted calipers
  • Chain angle measurement
  • Visual Inspection of Chain (waterline to touchdown -60m)