Air Selangor


June 2020

Structure Type


Sg. Tinggi Dam Inspection

Proceanic Engineering Malaysia Sdn Bhd carried out an underwater visual inspection of Sg. Tinggi Dam at Selangor, Malaysia.  The inspection was completed using a mini-ROV fitted with underwater camera for live inspection of the pipeline. Survey activities were carried out on 17th June 2020. The inspection covered 3 components of the Dam: the spillway, draw-off tower, and the Dam face. All underwater parts of the 3 components were visually inspected by ROV.

Successful completion of Proceanic’s first Dam Inspection after address Client initial concerns of Mini-ROV capabilities. Inspection included Pump Station, 200m wide Dam Face and Spillway

  • GVI/CVI – Dam Spillway
  • GVI/CVI – Dam Face
  • GVI/CVI – Underwater Structure
  • GVI/CVI – Draw-Off Tower
  • Inspection Video
  • Detailed Photographs
  • Written Inspection Report