Nov 2016

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Punggol River 1400mm In-Pipeline Inspection

These were pipelines operated by Singapore’s Water Utilities Board (PUB) and buried at a depth of 10m, which cuts underneath and across the Punggol River in Singapore.

Due to the difficult pipeline access profile, which turns and twists into chambers every few metres down, the conventional methods of inspection by robotics or by human-entry were not feasible.

Talking through the operating envelope with PUB, we deployed our Mini-ROVs into this pipeline and successfully inspected the entire flat stretch at 10m water depth.

This was one of the first jobs that gave prominence to Proceanic as a solutions subcontractor to PUB.

  • 1400mm diameter in-pipeline GVI / CVI (buried depth 10m)
  • 180m Pipeline length internal condition survey
  • Sedimentation assessment
  • Debris detection