Jun 2016

Structure Type

Singapore’s National Water Agency:
1400mm Potable Water Transmission Pipeline

Punggol Potable Water Transmission Pipeline 

Proceanic Engineering Services (Singapore) carried out a visual inspection of PUB’s 1400mm pipeline undercrossing the Punggol River in Singapore. The inspection was completed using a PRO4 miniROV fitted with underwater camera for real time inspection of the pipeline.

The inspection started at 8:30am and ended at 1:00pm. The pipeline was not in operation while the inspection was carried out. However, there was no requirement to drain the pipeline before or after the inspection. The area of the pipeline to be inspected was isolated by valves before and during the inspection. The pipeline was depressurized while the access manhole was opened.

  • Internal Inspection of 1400mm pipeline (Buried Pipeline running underneath Punggol River) – Access via adjacent manhole. Inspection required negotiating bends(45 deg and 90deg) and inclines(vertical drop) to a depth of 10m