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Jan 2014

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PTTEP FSO2 Special Survey III / Life Extension Study

Worlds First : FPSO Ballast Tank GVI, CVI, UT Gauging, Special Survey III by Mini-ROV. In response to an RFQ from PTTEP, Proceanic proposed the use of Mini-ROVs to enter the ballast tanks of the FSO Pathumabaha (FSO2) in order to carry out visual inspections and to take ultrasonic thickness (UT) gaugings – removing the need for man-entry. At that time, ABS had never approved use of Mini-ROVs for in-tank thickness gauging purposes. Proceanic methodologies, procedures, systems and manuals were audited by ABS for approval. Subsequently, Proceanic was given In-principle Approval (subject to Attending Surveyor) to perform the tank thickness gaugings.

 In January 2014, Proceanic mobilized to the FSO and completed General Visual Inspection (GVI) Close Visual Inspection (CVI) and UT gaugings in all ballast tanks for Third Special Survey and Life Extension Purposes, using only ROVs. No man entry into tanks was required, no rafting work in water was required, no work at height or in confined spaces was required.

  • GVI all Ballast Tanks
  • GVI Side Shell / Bottom
  • GVI Seachests
  • GVI upper mooring chain
  • UT Gauging all Ballast Tanks for 3rd Special Survey