Oct 2015

Structure Type

Fixed Jacket

Platong Fixed Jacket

Proceanic was invited to perform a ROV demonstration on the Chevron Platong PLCPP facility. The purpose of the demonstration was to show the versatility, functionality, and limitations of the mini-ROV, the capability of the Proceanic pilots, and the general activities that are undertaken during a typical inspection.

The original planned demonstration included inspection of general shallow water structural nodes (-39ft) and deep water node at the seabed (-237ft). Once onboard the demonstration scope was modified to include the nodes that were unable to be inspected during previous inspection campaigns due to lack of access around the nodes using current inspection methods. These nodes included the nodes which were in close proximity to the main riser hang off area (leg A2 at -99ft and -169ft).

Also, it was requested, at time of demonstration, to inspect the sea suction of a 16in caisson attached to the platform which supplies the platform with sea water.

  • Visual inspection of jacket legs from sea surface to -80m (sea floor)
  • Visual inspection of caisson sea suction
  • Visual inspection of seabed and riser touchdown area
  • Visual inspection of anodes