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Aug/Sept 2018

Structure Type

Production TLP

Magnolia TLP

Proceanic, Ltd. Of Houston, TX carried out an underwater inspection on the Magnolia TLP while located offshore Gulf of Mexico. This inspection was completed using a VideoRay PRO4 ROV and a Videoray MSS Defender ROV fitted with various accessories, including a water-jet cleaning tool, cathodic protection probe and a laser scaler for measurement.

Critical pontoon and column gusset plate connections, tendon porch connections, seachests, caissons, anodes, TTMS conduits, draft sensors, export risers and other structure of the columns and pontoons were cleaned and inspected. Two (2) Seachest and Four (4) Draft Sensors were plugged to allow for valve inspection.

  • Marine Growth Cleaning and CVI of hull critical weld connections
  • GVI of general hull and tendon connections
  • GVI of Risers and Tendons to -300 ft
  • CP Readings of hull, anodes, tendons, and risers
  • Marine Growth Measurement
  • Sea-Chest Cover Removal and Sea-Connection Plugging