Magnolia TLP – UWILD, Hull Cleaning, Plugging, CP, Weld Inspection

Over a 2.5 Year Survey Period Proceanic completed UWILD of the Conoco Magnolia TLP, in the Gulf of Mexico. Work Scope included Class Society Approved UWILD, Hull Cleaning, Weld Cleaning in way of Structural Critical Points, GVI and CVI of hull and welds, cleaning of sea-chest strainers and other miscellaneous inspection work. Proceanic also installed and removed (by ROV) sea-connection plugs to allow repair/replacement of sea-connection valves..

  • Hull UWILD / GVI / CVI
  • SCP Cleaning / CVI
  • Sea-Chest Cleaning
  • Sea-Connection Plugging
  • Hull CP Readings
  • Minimal Operational Upset

This meant faster turnaround of inspections, significant cost savings, reduced POB, reduced personnel risk and reduced operational interruption for the facility. All without compromising the quality of inspection.

All CloseUp inspections and CP reading records are captured on digital video for quick and easy distribution and review as required after the inspection.