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Mar 2018

Structure Type

Jack-Up Accommodations

KYLIE JACK-UP Life Extension Study

Proceanic carried out Cavitational Blaster Cleaning and General Visual Inspection of the underwater portions of the elevating legs for the purposes of life extension and contract extension for the Kylie Accommodations Jack-Up, Offshore Nigeria. 

Fortunately, in the early stages of inspection, structural issues were identified which gave concern for the safety of the asset and personnel onboard. Owners and Operators acted quickly and efficiently in addressing the issues and the asset was removed for repairs at the earliest opportunity.

Proceanic is proud to have supported our Clients in this inspection and to have identified defects early – with the knowledge that the safety of equipment, personnel and the environment was assured.

  • Hull UWILD
  • Mooring Chain Cleaning/Inspection
  • Mooring Chain 3D Scanning/Modeling
  • Riser/Caisson Supports/Balconies – Cleaning Inspection
  • CP Readings