Mar 2019

Structure Type

Fixed Platforms (2)

Fixed Platforms

Proceanic Ltd, Houston TX carried out a fixed jacket platform inspection of the MPN EDOP QI platform, offshore Nigeria. The inspection was completed using VideoRay Pro4 ROV, VideoRay MSS Defender ROV, a Cathodic Protection Probe, a measurement laser scaler, a measuring rod, a Bluview SONAR, a Caviblaster gun for marine growth cleaning, and a Flooded Member Detection system.

The entire submerged structure and anodes were inspected to a General Visual Inspection (GVI) standard except where poor visibility due to turbidity prevented it. Additional identified areas were inspected to a General Visual Inspection (GVI) standard.

  • GVI/CVI – Fixed Structure
  • Marine Growth Cleaning (for UT/CP/FMD)
  • CP Readings
  • UT Readings
  • FMD Readings