Mar 2016

Structure Type

(UAV Inspection)


Proceanic, Ltd. of Houston, TX carried out a partial ABS UWILD inspection on the ENSCO 105 jackup drilling rig while located offshore Angola. This inspection was completed using a VideoRay PRO4 ROV fitted with a Tritech sonar and a hull crawler attachment.

One ABS surveyor was present to witness the inspection. Two (2) seachests, the bottom of the hull, and the bottoms of two (2) of three (3) spud cans were inspected. Inspection photos and videos are provided electronically with this report.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV / drone) Inspection
  • General Visual Inspection of Jack-up Legs
  • Assessment of structural condition of the legs
  •  Inspection/Assessment of ladders, leg pipework, secondary retention
  •  ABS surveyor witnessed inspection for advice on what is required for future class inspections by UAVs