Jan 2018

Structure Type


Constitution Spar

Proceanic, Ltd. (Houston, TX) carried out an inspection of the Buoyancy Cans and Risers for the Anadarko Constitution spar. This inspection was completed using a VideoRay PRO4 ROV fitted with a UT Gauge and a Flooded Member Detection Device.

Four (4) Top Tension Risers (TTRs), four (4) Risers, two (2) Umbilicals and four (4) Buoyancy Cans were inspected. A number of open slots were also inspected to document condition for planned and future projects.

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  • Flooded Member Detection
  • Buoyancy Can Inspection
  • Top Tension Risers GVI
  • Risers GVI
  • Umbilical’s GVI