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Offshore Wind – ROV Inspection

For a decade, Proceanic has provided Mini-ROV Inspection services to the offshore industry, delivering quality inspections on floating structures in extreme environments. Proceanic has developed bespoke tooling and procedures to solve inspection and intervention problems for O&G Clients. Solutions include: Marine Growth Removal, Mooring Chain Cleaning & Caliper Measurement, CP Readings, Flooded Member Detection, Steel Thickness Measurement, 3D-Photogrammetry and more. These same reliable, cost effective and innovative inspection and intervention services are now offered to operators of Offshore Wind and Floating Wind Installations.

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Visual inspection of Monopile Steel or Concrete Structures, Fixed Steel Platforms and Floating Wind Platforms can be carried out without the need for divers, avoiding related safety concerns and access limitations. Inspection for erosion, corrosions, deformation, damage,  debris can be performed cost effectively and quickly, without compromising inspection quality. Proceanic ROV Systems are agnostic to wave height and can work in any current that Divers or Work-Class ROVs can tolerate. Unlike Divers, our ROVs do not tire. Unlike Work-Class ROVs, our systems do not require a hi-spec/DP Support Vessel or LARS.

Proceanic ROV Teams deploy hi-spec Mini-ROV technology and tooling, requiring minimal footprint and/or logistic support, to inspect offshore wind structures. We pride ourselves on being agile, mobile, responsive, knowledgeable and cost-effective, while delivering the highest quality inspection data.

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Proceanic ROV inspections are backed by two decades of Engineering & Project Management experience (we design and build offshore floating systems). Our ROV track record is unmatched, with 250+ successful offshore Inspection Campaigns.

ROV teams typically include Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Structural or Civil Engineers. As a result, our personnel understand what they are looking at and know what they are looking for. We strive to thoroughly understand structures, integrity management, stakeholder needs and the environmental conditions involved with each project.

Services Include

Proceanic provides an extensive portfolio of underwater inspection and intervention services. Click on services, listed to the right to learn more

At Proceanic, our goal is to provide accurate, timely and critical information to protect asset integrity, through detailed, comprehensive and cost effective ROV inspections.

Our services improve safety and dramatically reduce risk to inspection personnel and the asset by keeping Divers out of the water while maintaining (and in many cases improving) inspection quality.

Integrity Management

Integrity management is not a new concept in the offshore wind industry. For many years now, the value of risk-based inspections has been understood. However, accomplishing these inspections can be a challenge, particularly when the areas to be inspected are difficult to access, underwater, of complex geometry and covered in marine growth.

Proceanic recognizes the critical importance of inspection, maintenance and ongoing integrity management of offshore wind assets, and the need for continuous observation in order to maintain that structural integrity, particularly on ageing and/or floating installations.

Our ROV Inspection and intervention services ensure accurate, detailed, timely, and inclusive information on each of your assets. By providing comprehensive, concise and documented Inspection findings, our ROV services allow clients to make informed decisions on offshore wind structural and integrity management.

Floating Wind Platform Inspection

The Proceanic ROV Team, with its engineering background, has greatly broadened underwater inspection options by taking existing, proven ROV technology, integrating high specification and custom tooling, and developing progressive and novel methods and procedures to achieve underwater structural inspections that were previously not possible.

From FPSO to Drillship, from Semi-Submersible to TLP, to Spar and now to Floating Wind Installations, Proceanic has successfully inspected it all. Additionally, Proceanic has also been involved in the design, construction, installation and ongoing operations of many of these floating systems. We know what we are looking at and we know what we are looking for!

Underwater Cleaning

Proceanic has developed and integrated tools and technology to safely and efficiently clean underwater portions of any floating asset. Cleaning systems are based on cavitational cleaning, which removes debris and marine growth, without damage to coatings, concrete or structure. Cleaning services allow inspections to be performed in a timely and efficient manner, to Client and/or Regulatory Body satisfaction. Examples of cleaning capabilities include:

  • General Marine Growth Removal
  • Mooring Chain Cleaning & Caliper Measurement
  • Waterline Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning for Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Conduit Inspection & Cleaning
  • Grating Cleaning
Damage Inspections

From the proverbial “bump in the night” when there is a collision or an allision or an item is dropped onto sensitive structure, Mini-ROVs are the ideal tool for a quick, easy, safe deployment to establish an initial assessment of extent of damage.

To the catastrophic failure of a component or structure, Mini-ROVs can be deployed into hazardous, unstable environments without risk to life, whilst possibly providing urgent and critical feedback to first responders and incident investigators, seeking to mitigate further damages or loss of life.

Search / Rescue / Retrieval

The mobility and agility of Mini-ROVs means that teams can be mobilized anywhere in the world, quickly and effectively providing emergency search rescue and retrieval capabilities in the unfortunate event of loss of life or equipment.

Two Proceanic employees holding ROV

Why Choose Proceanic

The Proceanic Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Group provides world-class ROV inspections including Ship and Offshore Installation Hull inspections, as well as tank internal inspections, riser inspections, mooring system inspections and more.

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Save Time and Cost

By minimizing time of divers in water, reducing on-hire time of work-class ROVs and significantly reducing working footprint and impact to asset operations, Proceanic provides effective, proven, underwater inspection and intervention services focused on sensible cost savings without sacrifice of quality or reliability.

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We Understand You

We understand that UWILDs, ISIPs and other underwater inspections and interventions can be costly and intrusive to operators. Our job is to reduce that cost, limit or eliminate asset down-time and improve inspection quality and detail.